What are the effect of eating instant noodle?

Do you like instant noodle? Yes, of course almost every body eating instant noodle every day. Do you know what the effect of eating instant noodle? Every body who consume this product certainly already know the effect. But they still to consuming it. Because it is a simple, economical and easy to buy. Most of the consumption of noodles is a student. I have asked to several student. What are the effect of eating instant noodle?

They answer that instant noodle to disturb our digestive system and intestines, if consuming more than once every day. Actually we consuming instant noodle maximum twice in a week.

May lead to obesity because contain much of fat so not reserve in body. Unsurprised if we consuming too over eating instant noodle cause weight gain or even trigger to cancer. Contents of flavor contains MSG (mono sodium glutamate). So, if we cooking a noodle cannot mixed with the flavor when noodle a cooked, because content of MSG become high and it is make a cancer. And if consuming instant noodle we recommend that you the water when you boil noodle must loosing up and change with the new water.

Consuming instant noodle cannot with rice because rice has been a staple food and noodle has been a favorite food. Both of them have high calorie, so if too often consuming noodle with rice it’s not good for your health. Instant noodle including a junk food and contains high carbohydrate without mineral and vitamin. So give a bad influence to our health.

We recommend that you to subtract consuming instant noodle. Be better if replace with food nutritious, such as vegetables and fruits. Because we know that instant noodle is not good to our health.