Diversity is the Icon of Unity

Diversity is something that shows us to everything not same. It could see in our place, Indonesia. Indonesia has plenty of lands, we could see all of that in the map of Indonesia. There are from Sabang to Marauke.
Every land has different culture, language, habit and etc. Each language has unique sound, in bahasa it is usually called “medok”. When i meet the person who come from the city expect Java, and i speak in java devinitaly she/he do not understand what i said. Even though some words are same but see, that is lots of variations language in Indonesian. For example “ngeleh” means “hungry” in Central of Java but means “move something” in East of Java. It just Java,and what about all of 34 provincies in Indonesia? You could imagine it, right! It shows us that Indonesia in a amazing country.
Not only about its language, but also about its dance and songs. Both song and dance are complete each other, such as Jathilan, Lingsir Wengi, which it is Central of Java’s. I am so proud to be Indonesian. We have everything which other country has not yet. We should make our unity and go forward to make better for Indonesia.
In tourism, we can promote our culture, our beauties. And alhamdulillah Miss World was be conducted in Bali. It seemed a bit freak and had controversial issue. Yet, i think it made Indonesia more well-known than before. And if you watched that program, you would know that it would be worth. Due the fact that every Miss World wore traditional clothing from 34 provincies that we had. Eventhough it had controversial but we should integrated each other. We must thankfull for Allah who gives us beautifull country. Since we had. Different thought we have to understood. Unity is going to make us to be the country which has powerful, unique and beautiful. images